Zirconium Crown

Zirconium crown is a treatment applied to improve the tooth both aesthetically and functionally. Zircon is one of the closest treatment materials to tooth structure. Zirconium is an extremely successful element when evaluated in terms of criteria such as light transmittance and durability.

What is zirconium crown? Teeth can be damaged due to reasons such as caries, physical trauma and genetic factors. In cases where teeth are damaged, the main goal should be to save the tooth from every angle. Depending on the level of decay or damage, the most appropriate treatment is carried out by the dentist, taking into account the patient’s demands. For example, in a moderately advanced caries case, the decay is first cleaned and then the treatment is carried out with applications such as veneers or fillings.


What is a Zirconium Crown?

Veneers contribute to the teeth not only aesthetically but also functionally. Aesthetic or prosthetic dentists can successfully apply these treatments. Applications such as zirconium implants and veneers are usually performed under local anesthesia.

Who cannot have zirconium teeth? Zirconium is a treatment material that does not require special criteria that can be applied for many patients. However, in veneer applications, the patient is expected to be over the age of 18. This is because the development process continues in these patients. The same applies to the implant.

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When zirconium comments are examined, it is seen that patients generally draw attention to the durability and appearance of the material. Coating is also a part of smile aesthetic applications. Procedures for smile aesthetics are also known as smile design. For example, zirconium or porcelain crowns application is at the forefront in order to have a smile called Hollywood smile.

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Cost of Zirconium Crown

What are dental crowns? It is an element that finds use in medicine and some areas of dentistry. In terms of technical features such as light transmittance, it is very close to the natural structure of human teeth. Zirconium is a naturally occurring substance that stands out with its durability. Apart from dentistry, it is also used in the production of some space technologies.

Are zirconia crowns expensive? Crown prices made of zirconium are a matter of curiosity by potential users. You can find the prices valid in our clinic for zirconium and some related applications via the table below.

Detailed Examination (X-ray included)50 €11 h.
Zirconium Coating (Amann Girrbach Zr Block - Posterior Teeth)400 €2-31-6 h.
Implant Teeth (1 Piece T-Base, Screwed, With Zr Coating)1000 €115-45 min.
Screw-on Hybrid Prosthesis on Implant (Monolithic Zirconium) (One Jaw)3.500 €345min.

Zirconium Crown Advantages

How long do zirconia crowns last? Although zirconium is a very durable material, the lifespan of veneers is affected by individual differences. Measures such as maintaining oral hygiene and regular tooth brushing extend the life of the veneer. Veneers made of zirconium can last for a period of 10-15 years.

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How is a zirconium veneer made? The prevalence of veneers made of zirconium has increased recently. This is due to the fact that the material can last for many years and its stylish appearance. The zirconium tooth coating process is generally similar to other coating applications. Local anesthesia is applied in the treatment, so the patient does not feel pain or pain.

We have already mentioned the damage caused by decay and physical impacts on the teeth. These factors can sometimes lead to complete loss of the tooth. In such cases, treatments such as prosthetics and implants come to the fore. Zirconium, although not as common as titanium, can also be preferred as an implant material.

Zirconia Crown vs Porcelain

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The tooth structure of the patient willing to have veneers is examined in detail. If the patient is suitable for veneers, the area is numbed with anesthetic. In order for the veneer to fit the tooth, the tooth is abraded to a certain extent. Abrasion results in thinning of the tooth. At the end of the thinning process, impressions are taken for the veneers. The impressions are transferred to digital media and the necessary corrections are made here.

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After the color and brightness of the veneer is clarified with the patient, the original veneers are produced in the laboratory. The production time is approximately 1 week. During this time, a temporary coating is applied to the person’s teeth. Those who have zirconium teeth are generally satisfied with the results of the application. Images reflecting before and after treatment are inspiring for potential users.

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Is zirconia crown better than porcelain? Both coating materials are extremely suitable for the procedure. If an aesthetic application such as a Hollywood smile is desired, the use of porcelain veneers material should be at the forefront. However, if you want to use an innovative material that is aesthetically and functionally good, zirconium may be a better option. You can make the right decision about the choice of veneer material together with your dentist.