Laminate Veneer

Leaf Porcelain is becoming more and more prominent among dental aesthetic applications; It is preferred for both aesthetics and ease of use.

Leaf porcelain “Porcelain Laminated”, “Leaf tooth”, “Porcelain laminate veneer”, “Nail tooth” refer to the same method. In this article, I will give information about what is it, when it is applied, what are its advantages and disadvantages, who is it suitable for, how it is applied, how much is the leaf porcelain prices.

What is Leaf Porcelain Laminate Veneer Treatment?

Increasing interest and demand for aesthetics; Dentistry makes cosmetic treatments more prominent day by day. This method, in which aesthetics and function are provided together, is one of the most preferred treatments among aesthetic dentistry applications. It is especially applied to the anterior teeth of the eye for aesthetic purposes.

In some cases, it can be applied without any abrasion from the teeth. It is also called leaf porcelain, as it can be worked up to a thickness of about 0.1mm.

Laminate Veneer (Yaprak Porselen)

The philosophy of the treatment is that the tooth tissue is abraded as little as possible, even without touching some areas; to eliminate the aesthetic problem with a very good color and texture harmony. It is a very sensitive cosmetic treatment method. It differs from other treatments in many areas. Accordingly, leaf porcelain prices are more expensive than other coating treatments.

  • Certain level of crowdingYaprak Porselenlerin Ömrü- Kullanım Süresi Ne Kadardır?
  • Proportional problems in teeth
  • Deep staining or unwanted colored teeth
  • Irregularities in the surface structure

It can be eliminated with leaf porcelain treatment. It has many advantages over other methods.

In Which Cases Can Porcelain Laminates Be Applied?

To get the most accurate information on this subject, you need to have a detailed examination. If we usually count our application purposes;

In the teeth in the front groups with deep coloration
Circumference up to a certain level, curvature (not applied in severe crowding requiring orthodontic treatment) In teeth that are separated from each other
Filled teeth that are old, large but most of the enamel is not removed In worn and broken teeth In discolorations that cannot be treated with procedures such as tooth whitening, due to the use of antibiotics and excessive amounts of fluorine In teeth where cracks and irregularities on the tooth surface are common Porcelain laminates are preferred when the person is not satisfied with their teeth in terms of form and shape.

What are the Advantages of Porcelain Laminates?

  • The biggest advantage is that there is no need for excessive reduction and abrasion on the teeth. Natural textures are preserved at the maximum level.Porselen Laminate Veneer Fiyatları Ne Kadar?
  • Ceramic is prepared as a thin layer and its light transmittance and light reflection are very close to natural teeth. This is the golden key to aesthetics.
  • It is more aesthetic than many non-ceramic treatment options.
  • After the treatment, a nail-width finish line on the tooth may be sufficient.
  • Ceramics have high resistance to abrasion as material information.
  • Chemical and mechanical clamping is achieved after bonding with the adhesives used.
  • Without the need for anesthesia during the preparation process; measurement and temporary process can be completed.
  • Tea, coffee, etc. on the pasted ceramics. It has a surface structure that does not allow coloring.
  • With digital and other smile design planning systems, without any action on your teeth; You can see a demo of the final treatment in your mouth. And so it’s easier for you to decide.

What are the Disadvantages of Porcelain Laminates?

It is a cosmetic treatment, aesthetically high and healthy results are obtained. However, the treatment price is higher than zirconium and porcelains.
It is a technique that requires serious precision. For this reason, both the dentist and the technician work with a careful and technical work in the laboratory under special magnifiers.requires.

What are the Application Stages of Leaf Porcelain?

After the treatment is decided, the teeth are prepared for laminate application and the impression is taken. Until the rehearsal session, temporaries to be used by the patient are applied.
Teeth are designed according to the measurements, photographs and analyzes taken. Aesthetic expectation, color and smile are evaluated in rehearsal sessions. Laminates are adhered to the tooth surface by applying special adhesives. Final attunements are made and final photographs are taken.
The treatment is completed within an average of 5-10 days.

How long is the life-time of leaf porcelain?

The life of porcelain laminates depends on many factors.

After the restorations are applied, the patient should not neglect routine dentist controls every 6 months.

In laminates that require sensitive and meticulous work, correct production, adaptation, adhesion are the steps controlled by the physician and must be regular. Supported by good oral care and attention to be applied by the patient, it can serve people for many years as when it is worn on the first day.

People who should not be done; For example, it is important for the success of the treatment to distinguish people with severe tooth clenching or parafunctional habits. Necessary precautions should be taken against possible problems in such patients.

Considering the variable mouth structure and genetic predispositions in dental treatments, determining a clear life for any treatment; it is not something anyone can do.

How Much Are Porcelain Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain) Prices?

One of the frequently asked questions is why the prices of laminate veneers, which are called leaf porcelain, are higher than other restorations. For example, higher material prices compared to zirconium veneers require more precise physician and laboratory procedures. In addition, there is some difference due to glass ceramic block prices. It is affected by economic parameters since it is products originating from abroad. You can take a look at the 2018 Ankara 1st Region provinces area of ​​Guide Price Schedule published by TDB for laminate prices. The most accurate is the price that your doctor will give after the examination and analysis.

Is Laminate Veneer Treatment a Painful Treatment?

No. In fact, most cases are completed without the need for anesthesia. In the same way, the treatment can be completed without anesthesia during the rehearsal and finishing stages. Patient comfort is high.

Porselen Laminate Veneer (Yaprak Porselen) Fiyatları Ne Kadar?

Who Can Make This Leaf Porcelain?

This treatment is applied in the cases we mentioned above.

However, no information you will receive over the internet will provide accurate information as the physician examines the patient. Those with serious gum problems, clenching teeth, parafunctional habits (nail biting, pencil biting, etc.), tooth structure should be evaluated comprehensively. Laminates are not preferred in such cases, which prevent the laminate from adhering and are expected to break or lose after adhesion.

How to Care for Porcelain Laminates?

It is not different from natural teeth in terms of care. Thanks to its adhesion to the teeth, it fuses with natural teeth. The person can be used for years thanks to a good oral care practice and not neglecting routine dentist controls. Of course, it is important to avoid blows and traumas that will damage our own teeth. Habits such as nail biting and pencil biting should be abandoned.

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