Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are one of the most critical treatment methods for human health in oral and dental treatment processes. The tooth coatings applied for smile design and aesthetic touch also stand out as one of the parts of the treatment processes where the healthiest results can be obtained.

The models and application methods to be preferred for Dental Veneers should be determined as a result of the opinions of the specialist doctor. Except for doctor’s advice, there is a possibility that only preferences requested for aesthetic anxiety may be harmed more than benefits in terms of human health and aesthetic appearance.

Different materials, substances and techniques can be applied in Dental Veneers applications. Your requests are brought to the forefront for this situation, which will vary depending on the doctor’s diagnosis, and the most appropriate match is decided depending on the film results.

What is Dental Veneers?

What is tooth covering? The shortest answer to this question is: it can be expressed as a medical application for the completion of teeth that have substance loss or physical deficiencies for various reasons. In the mouth to be covered with teeth, it can be required to have a loss of substance. This may not only be a physical fracture and deficiency. In special cases where the aesthetic appearance of the tooth is lost, coating can be made in order to obtain a healthy image. This intervention is applied only after the original state of the tooth is made healthy and suitable for work.

The material and application technique to be used in Dental Veneers will also determine the category to be preferred among the types of tooth coatings.

What is Dental Implant?

In order to compensate for and treat the deficiency in the teeth, implants can be applied at the same time. The implant is a larger study than coating applications. While the coating is preferred for the completion of a missing tooth or for a full tooth to reach a more aesthetic appearance; the implant is used in the process of installing artificial teeth in the area of the mouth where the tooth does not exist.


The implant is a medical intervention to the jawbone and the area that is the original root of the tooth.

It is not with aesthetic anxiety, but with the method of finding a functional remedy in place of the lost tooth.

With the completion of the lost tooth, the patient also has an aesthetic intervention and achieves the most efficient result for both health and smile design.

Types of Dental Veneers

Tooth Coating Types form coating methods that differ with the substance and technical facilities available in the application area for oral and dental health. Although tooth coatings have variations in subheadings, they have been generally presented in 3 main headings in recent years.

  1. Zirconium coating
  2. Laminate veneer (Leaf porcelain, 1/2 Coating, 1/4 Coating)
  3. Empress (Full porcelain, Full Ceramic) Tooth Coating

The types of tooth coverings in question; the substances to be processed on the tooth that has suffered the loss of matter and the scale to be applied are divided into different categories.

With zirconium used in zirconium coating, both fine interventions in dental design are successful and a permanent quality treatment is applied in the area of the tooth where it is applied.

The substance used in leaf porcelain applications can be evaluated as ceramics and porcelain and leaf insertion interventions are performed at the rate of deficiency in the tooth experiencing physical loss. Half Coating and Quarter Coating alternatives are evaluated within this model.

Empress (Full porcelain, Full Ceramic) tooth coating option is performed on the tooth that suffers physical loss if necessary, shaving is performed and the ceramic/porcelain substances to be used are added on the full tooth scale.

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Gülüş Tasarımında Hangi Uygulamalar Yapılır?

Zirconium Coating Treatment

The most important parameter in Dental Veneers treatments; the robustness of the substance to be coated and its match with human health. Just because a substance is extremely robust does not mean that it can be coated. Dental health and oral comfort are very important in Dental Veneers treatments.

In previous years, coatings produced in a metal-assisted manner and included in treatments have changed with the destruction of the metal in the mouth. The choice of coating, which is used in place of metal and has spread gradually in recent years, has started to come to the fore as zirconium coating.

Zirconium Coating Advantages;

  • To offer one of the most suitable solutions for the natural structure and color of the tooth,
  • To be a healthier alternative to metal in terms of oral health and safety,
  • The negatives in the taste situation caused by metal do not occur with zirconium,
  • Can be explained by such substances.

Laminate Veneer Coating Treatment

Laminate Veneer Coating is preferred with aesthetic concerns compared to zirconium coating and full ceramic coating.

The application for part or part of the tooth also provides oral comfort from a health point of view; however, Laminate Veneer Coating applications are applied in order to experience a feeling of saturation as of the image.

Gülüş Tasarımında Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler

Empress (Full Porcelain) Veneer Treatment

Empress applications of coating processes are similar to implant studies but are not the same treatment methods. In order to perform the procedure in the treatment of full porcelain coating, it is necessary to have a certain part of the tooth, including the root.

Implant treatment is the intervention to replace a completely lost tooth; full ceramic coating is the best work to get the best result on the appearance and functionality of an entire existing work.

Dental Veneers Before and After

While many people express satisfaction with the results of the “dental veneers before and after” inquiries, many people express their dissatisfaction after the procedures. The most important detail that affects these results is; it is directly linked to whether the center where the applications are performed is a good clinic. Erce Belecoglu; Since it uses the most up-to-date technologies in its studies in accordance with the references of the Ministry of Health, it is able to provide full satisfaction after the treatments applied.

Dental Bonding vs Veneers

Dental coatings in general; it is applied in different capacities in half scale and full scale.

In addition to the method known as zirconium coatings, ceramic coating works are also carried out.

Ceramic coating is half and complete within the scope of works; it is possible to offer treatment at the rate of the size of the lost tooth.

The Best Dental Veneer Center

The most accurate solutions for oral and dental health, including Dental Veneers, are medical outpatient clinics specializing in the field.

Erce Belecoglu; with the treatments it continues to make in this field, it continues the processes in accordance with the mission and vision it has determined.

If you want to benefit from Erce Belecoglu’s services in the field of oral and dental health with smile aesthetics, you can contact us.

You can share your requests and questions with us.

Laminate Veneer (Yaprak Porselen)

The examination fee is deducted from the total treatment fee.

TreatmentSessionTimePrice (VAT Included)
Detailed Examination (X-ray included)1 Session1 Hour50 €
Dental X-Ray Film (Periapical)1 Session10 min40 €
Panoramic Film (Includes Inspection)1 Session10 min40 €
Extreme Collar Sensitivity Treatment (Full Chin)1-3 Session10-30 min300 €
Teeth Bleaching (Whitening – Lower-Upper Jaw)1-2 Session1-2 Hour700 €
Teeth Whitening (Office Type) (ZOOM System)1-2 Session1-2 Hour700 €
Teeth Whitening (Home Type)2 Session4-6 Hour400 €
Teeth Whitening (Office and Home Combined)1-2 Session1-2 Hour900 €
Teeth Whitening (Devital Bleaching – Single Tooth)2 Session1-2 Hour200 €
Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain)2-3 Session1-6 Hour750 €
Full Ceramic Crown (Emax Crown – No Metal Support)2-3 Session1-6 Hour750 €
Zirconium Crown (Amann Girrbach Zr Block - Posterior Teeth)2-3 Session1-6 Hour600 €
Implant Teeth (1 Piece T-Base, Screwed, With Zirconium Coating)1 Session15-45 min1400 €
Implant Teeth (Excluding 1 Superstructure Prosthesis)1 Session15-45 min1000 €
Gummy Smile1-2 Session15-30 min250 €
Botox (Teeth Grinding)1-2 Session15-30 min400 €
Total care – Detailed Teeth Cleaning1 Session1 Hour200 €
Tooth Polishing1 Session1 Hour100 €
Subgingival Curettage (Single Tooth)2 Session1 Hour200 €
Gingivectomy (Single Tooth)2 Session30 min. – 1 Hour150 €
Gingivectomy (Half Chin)2 Session30 min. – 1 Hour400 €
Composite Lamina (Bonding)1 Session45 min. – 1,5 Hour250 €
Root Canal Treatment and Filling1 Session45 min. – 1,5 Hour300 €
Composite Filling1 Session45 min. – 1,5 Hour200 €
Fiber Post Placement and Filling1 Session45 min. – 1,5 Hour200 €
Amalgam Filling Removal (According to Protocol)1 Session1 Hour250 €
Invisalign Lite Package8 Session15 min.3.000 €
Invisalign Moderate Package 15 Session15 min.3.500 €
Invisalign Comprehensive Package25 Session15 min.4.000 €
Aligner Treatment (Half Chin)16 Session15 min.3.000 €
Aligner Treatment (Full Chin)16 Session15 min.4.000 €

Dental Microscope and Loupe are used in our clinic applications.

Laminate Veneer dental veneer method is a type of aesthetic coating applied to eliminate situations that can negatively affect both the smile and the psychological state of the person, such as crowding, color loss, fracture or missing teeth.

Dental veneers; It is the correction process applied on natural teeth that have lost substance and have been physically damaged. It is applied in harmony with the tooth with veneer materials.

Current prices may vary. According to the latest prices determined; “Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain) 2-3 Session, 1-6 Hour 4.100 ₺ – 400 €; Full Ceramic Crown (Emax Crown – No Metal Support), 2-3 Session, 1-6 Hour 4.100 ₺ – 400 €; Zirconium Crown (Amann Girrbach Zr Block) 2-3 Session 1-6 Hour 3.300 ₺ – 320 €”

Treatment application is usually completed within 3 sessions. It can be used for many years after the treatment is compatible with the tooth.

First of all, the patient’s dental examination is performed, the film is taken, and the most suitable veneer model is attached to the natural tooth and the process is completed.

Dentistry Applications
Esthetic Dentistry
  • Aesthetic Dental Veneers
  • Aesthetic Filling (Composite Lamina) (Bonding)
  • Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) (Office, Home, Devital)
  • Botox and Laser Applications
  • Transparent Plate Supported Orthodontics
  • Dental Contouring
  • Pink Aesthetics (Gum Correction)
Implantology and Special Prosthesis Types
  • Fixed Prosthesis System with 4 implants (All-On-Four)
  • Implant Supported Sensitive Orange Dentures
  • Hybrid Prosthetic Systems
  • Temporary Prosthesis with Mini Implant
Other Dentistry Applications
  • Orthodontics (Aesthetic and Classical Systems)
  • Jaw Surgery
  • Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)
  • Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry)
  • Periodontology (Gum Treatments)
  • Prosthetic Treatment (Fixed and Semi-Removable Dentures)