Smile Design

“ Smile design refers to the process organized for the elimination of aesthetic concerns in the mouth and ” teeth “. A redesigned “ smile ” also has a huge impact on a person’s overall appearance. So much so that the results of this can show itself both in business life and in social life.

“ Smile design ” should be performed by an experienced “ dentist ” within the dental clinic . The design of the smile usually does not involve a single application, but many different processes. This method; It can also be applied in cases such as tooth discoloration, tooth shape deterioration or disproportion. The process of bringing together patient demands and current conditions around aesthetic parameters covers the whole process of designing the smile.

Smile Design

Smile Design Dentistry

“ What is smile design ?” It is a set of applications that aim to eliminate the factors that cause an image that may disturb the person for various reasons. Shaping tooth dimensions, porcelain/zirconium veneers or “ teeth applications such as “ whitening ” can be counted among them.

Having an aesthetic smile also significantly changes the general appearance of the face. Your teeth shining like pearls attract all the attention when you smile. Brand new smiles can be seen as the beginning of a brand new life.

“ Turkey ” stands out with a large number of “patients” who need treatment in the field of oral and dental health . Also ” cosmetic ” The demand for dentistry applications is also very high. This situation causes dentists in the country to be highly experienced. In order to benefit from smile aesthetic applications, it is not necessary to have any problems or diseases affecting your mouth or teeth. It is enough if you want to make your smile more aesthetic.

Would you like to have a smile design done?

Dental Smile Design

The processes that can be done within the scope of designing the smile can be listed as follows:

Teeth Whitening

Elimination of dental misalignments

Front teeth are the same height and width

Reducing the gum-tooth ratio to the ideal level

Strengthening the teeth

Dental Veneer

Harmonizing the smile with the curves of the lips

How much is smile design ? ” “ Dr ” Erce Beleçoğlu’s clinic in Ankara successfully performs many smile aesthetic applications. For price information of some transactions in this area, you can examine the table below.

dental smile design
Treatment Session time Price ( 8% VAT Included )
Detailed Examination (including X-ray) one 1 hour 50 €
Teeth whitening 1-2 1-2 hours 500 €
Porcelain laminated veneer 2-3 1-6 hours 600 €
Full ceramic crown ( emax ) 2-3 1-6 hours 600 €
Zirconium crown 2-3 1-6 hours 600 €
Zirconium dental implant 15-45 minutes one 1000 €
teeth polishing one one 70 €
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Design by Smile

In smile aesthetic applications, only the teeth are not intervened. Because gums and lips also affect the smile. Aesthetic “ dentistry ”; It focuses on creating an impressive smile so that the gums, lip and jaw structure are in harmony with each other.

The teeth that stand out the most during the smile are respectively; incisors, canines, and premolars. For this reason, veneers, which are the basic application of smile aesthetics, are mostly made for these teeth. There are different types of coatings such as zirconium, porcelain and emax . You and your doctor can decide what is best for you.

Implant is also a frequently used treatment method in this field. It is usually performed by placing a screw made of titanium into the tooth cavity. When the screw integrates with the jaw and palate, an aesthetic prosthesis is placed on it. Thus, a new tooth is obtained both aesthetically and functionally.

smile design
smile design

Digital Smile Design

The desire to look beautiful is as old and natural as human history. Many branches, especially medicine and dentistry, are working to present their wishes to people. Digital design of smile; strengthens the diagnostic capabilities of doctors and related team working in a “ dental clinic ”.

With digital design, treatment planning can be carried out more effectively and practically. Designs or models produced using detailed images of the patient also facilitate the work of physicians. What is done in a digital design? The movements of the face and mouth are evaluated. The information obtained is used in order to obtain the best results from smile aesthetics. The smile, designed by an experienced physician, maintains its appearance for about 10 years.

You can contact us to get more information about the applications in the field of aesthetic dentistry or to submit your appointment requests. For this purpose, you can use our contact information on our website.