Smile Design

Smile Design

Smile Design covers a group of studies carried out for the desired aesthetic appearance in the mouth area. In order to smile aesthetically, the mouth structure must have optimum conditions and the teeth must be in the correct alignment.

Smile Design treatments are applied with the support of modern technologies, apart from traditional examination methods. It is carried out in “smile design dentistry” clinics with devices that provide the opportunity to produce 3D models.

Each application to be made in these treatment methods is presented with personalized solutions depending on the patient. You can also contact us for the solutions you want in the field of aesthetic smile design and request detailed information about the treatments.

A happy smile is possible by having a healthy tooth structure. The correct alignment of the visible part of your teeth in your social life indicates that you have positive references in terms of both aesthetics and health.

With dental treatments applied in a standard way, only in the field of health, the treatment of missing or damaged teeth and the compensation of defects are made. In aesthetic smile applications, while working on the functionality of the jaw and tooth region, aesthetic concerns are kept at the forefront at every applied stage.

More than one treatment is applied in a compact way for smile design. The types of these applications may vary and vary according to the oral characteristics of the patient. Some methods applied around the world by following the latest technology;

  • Laminate Veneers
  • Bonding
  • Tooth filing
  • Gingivectomy
  • Teeth whitening
  • Zirconium veneers and bridges
  • Pink aesthetic treatments
  • Digital smile design

includes applications such as.

When you request treatment, one of the above-mentioned methods or, if necessary, one of the alternative treatments can be applied according to the results of your personal examination. The healthy decision in this process is recommended by your doctor.

Smile Design
Smile Design

How To Make Smile Design?

Correct planning is essential for a healthy aesthetic smile treatment. In this process, which should be developed specifically for the patient, the time interval that should be included in the treatments should also be set up correctly in pre-planning.

The stages of having an aesthetic smile;

Obtaining the expectations of the patient requesting treatment
Examination of the patient’s mouth structure, filming
The fact that patient demands can be realized in the mouth structure owned
Preparation of the apparatus to be produced according to the inspection results
Performing treatment applications within the session times recommended by the dentist
After the positive progress, the time to reach the comfort of use of the oral bone structure and dental area

the process is completed with stages.

What Are The Smile Aesthetic Treatment Methods?

The white teeth and aesthetic smile you will have in your daily life will allow you to live with high self-confidence, more happily and comfortably. Aesthetic oral treatments that can be designed and applied by specialist dentists are obtained with a single treatment for some patients and a more compact treatment process for some patients.

The treatments currently applied for aesthetic smile design and the purposes it focuses on can be explained in general as follows:

Laminate Veneer:

It is an aesthetic solution for physically damaged, missing or broken teeth. A beautiful appearance is obtained thanks to porcelain coatings prepared in different sizes for these missing teeth, which prevent your smile from being aesthetic.


It is one of the solutions produced in the field of preventive dentistry so that the teeth do not appear missing. It is an aesthetic treatment solution obtained by hardening the composite material in the opacity applied to complete the missing area in accordance with the natural color of the teeth.

Tooth filing:

It is the treatment that is completed by filing the curvatures and missing-excess areas of the teeth in their natural state.


Positive studies are carried out on the gums with the Gingivectomy treatment method for non-aesthetic images due to the predominance of the gums.

Other studies are; Treatments for whitening teeth are zirconium crowns and bridges, and pink aesthetic services on the gums.

Digital Smile Design

It is necessary to benefit from current technological developments for the purposes that traditional dental treatments cannot reach. For digital smile design, devices that can present a 3D model and shoot every detail of the mouth and teeth are used at this stage.

You can request an appointment from our polyclinic located in the center of Ankara for the treatments that should be carried out under the control of a specialist physician for design studies with computer and artificial intelligence supported devices.

With Erce Beleçoğlu, who provides the opportunity to transfer patients from different parts of the world, you can also have the opportunity to receive treatment in a comfortable and healthy way within the scope of “Smile Design” and “Digital Smile Design”.

You can also have the advantages offered in the field of health tourism with the support services you will receive both during the transfer and accommodation stages for the treatments you will have in Erce Beleçoğlu’s polyclinic located in the center of Ankara, Turkey.