What is invisalign?

What is invisalign? Applied within the scope of oral and dental treatments; They are the apparatus produced for the purpose of correcting the crooked tooth problem or, in other words, the teeth with curved alignment.

What is invisalign? “ invisalign ”, which is produced as an alternative to conventional braces ; It is known as medical apparatus, which has been popularly used in recent years, with its transparent structure and specially designed models.

What is invisalign?
What is invisalign?

Invisalign Treatment

contain harmful Bisphenol A (BPA) material are used in materials used for Invisalign treatment . It is much more comfortable than metal wires, metal brackets and ceramic brackets. It offers an easy but discipline-requiring solution for the patient to get the smile they want. Before starting this treatment, it should be clear what kind of result you want to achieve after the treatment and should be discussed with the dentist in detail.

This treatment is suitable for anyone, young or old. It can be used to close the gaps between the teeth, clenching teeth, incomplete closure of the teeth and correcting the crooked teeth. Of course, it is the dentist who will determine whether the treatment is suitable for the patient. In this examination, the expectations should be explained in detail and the appropriate treatment should be selected together. Advanced crowding may not be resolved with plaque treatment. Detailed analysis is the foundation of planning.

Treatment Process

When it is decided that the treatment method is suitable for the patient’s condition, examination, x-ray analysis and 3D modeling that reveal the structure of the mouth in detail are performed in order to plan the process. As the patient’s condition begins to become clear, it becomes more or less clear how long the transparent braces will be attached to arrange the teeth. After the approval phase, dental plaques specially produced for the teeth come to the clinic.

It is very easy to apply transparent plaques that are completely customized for the patient. It is performed under the supervision of a dentist when applying for the first time. But then the patient can easily put it on and take it off, and use it. The greatest convenience of invisalign braces, which should be used at any time other than eating and oral care, is that they can be easily removed and put on .

According to the planning made with the dentist, how the treatment process will progress is determined. It will be necessary to use several different clear plates throughout the process. The number of plates to be used differs from case to case. Each of these is worn for approximately two weeks and then moved on to the next plate. At the controls made every six weeks, it is discussed whether any changes will be made in the plan.

Advantages over Traditional Metal Wires

As we mentioned before, the person who will determine the orthodontic treatment method is the dentist. That is, if the patient’s condition can be treated with metal wires, there is no possibility to apply transparent wires . On the other hand, transparent wires have many advantages over metal wires.

  • Most people are bothered by the appearance of metal wires. That’s why they don’t want to laugh or open their mouths comfortably. These plaques are 90% unnoticeable.
  • It can be removed on special occasions, if desired.
  • It is sufficient to be in the mouth for 20 hours a day, it should be in the mouth except for the periods of eating and drinking hot drinks.
  • It is much easier for patients who use transparent wires to do regular oral and dental care.
  • Thanks to the soft material used in their construction, they do not irritate the gums.
  • It has a more comfortable treatment process than wire treatments.
  • You complete the treatment with fewer dental checkups.
  • All the information above and in this article; It does not replace a detailed examination. Our aim is not to produce a treatment plan, but to give an idea about the question we have been receiving recently.

Invisalign prices , the dentist’s examination and 3D modeling of the oral structure should be done. It is not possible to give an exact price without knowing the severity of the problems in tooth alignment.