Smile Design Center

Smile Design Center produces various solutions for symmetrical teeth and aesthetic smile demands in the mouth area. With these solution suggestions, patients have both a healthy mouth structure and a beautiful appearance that will positively affect their daily lives.

In the Smile Design Center, a series of treatments are performed in the mouth and teeth area in line with patient demands. These treatments are not at the level of surgical intervention. The procedures applied are mostly for aesthetic concerns and as a result, they offer a healthier oral structure.

Smile Design Center

Smile Design Dental Center

It is possible to have a healthy, white smile and an aesthetic form with the treatments applied by dentists who have gained expertise in the field within the Dental Polyclinic. The list of some of the treatment methods applied within these centers is as follows:

Smile Design Center
  • Joining disjointed teeth
  • Bringing broken teeth into full view
  • Treating the crooked image
  • Completion of missing teeth to achieve proper alignment
  • Plaque and tartar removal
  • receding gums
  • Cleaning stained teeth

The above-mentioned ailments and the number of treatment methods may increase. In order to determine these treatments, the examination to be made in line with the patient’s demands is important.

Smile Design Center Erce Belecoglu

Erce Beleçoğlu continues to work with the mission of reaching different parts of the world in the field of oral and dental health care. Support is provided and programming is provided for the special treatments applied in Turkey, for patients from many locations, especially in Europe, for international transfer and accommodation services.

In our polyclinic, both your requests are carefully considered and support is obtained from technological devices and 3D examination data in order to fully meet your demands. Thanks to this working method, all the treatment methods required for the healthy and aesthetic smile desired by the patient are fully determined.

Smile Design Appointment

You can have the aesthetic smile you dream of by taking advantage of our treatment services, which you can evaluate within the scope of health tourism. You can reach us from our online addresses, website and phone numbers for the appointments you want to take from our polyclinic.

By contacting us, you can get up-to-date price information about treatments and detailed information about the applications you request treatment.