Teeth in Turkey

Teeth in Turkey can be treated with a high success rate and at a relatively affordable cost. In Turkey, all treatment procedures in the field of dentistry are carried out.

Teeth in Turkey  “reviews” consists of generally positive feedback. Physician candidates who have a good education in the fields of medicine and dentistry gain experience by following the current developments in the field.

Teeth Implants in Turkey

Dental Implant” is the best treatment method in case of tooth loss. In “ Implants ” procedures, a screw made of titanium is placed in the tooth cavity. Titanium has high compatibility with human tissues and a durable structure. After a certain period of time after the screw is placed, if there is no problem, a prosthetic tooth is placed on it. These teeth are very good both functionally and aesthetically.

Turkey It is highly preferred in terms of  teeth ” treatments. In addition to the success of the physician, the ease of entry into the country is also effective in this preference. Visa procedures are quite easy for citizens of many countries. “ Teeth implants You can check the table below for “ cost in turkey ”.

TreatmentSessionTimePrice (8% VAT Included )
implant Teeth (1 Piece T-Base, Screwed , With Zirconium coating )1 Session15-45 min900 €
implant Teeth ( Excluding 1 Superstructure prosthesis )1 Session15-45 min 600 €
Dental X-Ray Film ( Periapical )1 Session10 min20 €
Panoramic Film ( Includes inspection )1 Session10 min30 €
Extreme Collar Sensitivity Treatment (Full Chin )1-3 Sessions10-30 min120 €
detailed Examination (X-ray included )1 Session1 Hour50 €

Teeth in Turkey Prices

Dental “ treatment in Turkey” is carried out quite successfully. However, there are many patients who have problems with their teeth. Doctors gain enough experience with a large number of patients. Aesthetic “ dentist ” at Erce Beleçoğlu’s clinic

  • “ root canal ”
  • “ Teeth whitening ”
  • “ Venice ”
  • “ Smile design ”
  • “ Dental implants ”
  • “ Filling ”

There are many processes that can be listed as follows. You can find price information for some transactions in the table below.

Teeth in Turkey
Gummy smile1-2 Sessions15-30 min200 €
Botox ( Teeth Grinding )1-2 Sessions15-30 min300 €
Gingivectomy ( Half chin )1-2 Sessions30 min. – 1 Hour270 €
composite Lamina ( Bonding )1 Session45 min. – 1.5 Hours150 €
Root Canal Treatment and filling1 Session45 min. – 1.5 Hours200 €
composite filling 1 Session45 min. – 1.5 Hours100 €
Invisalign lite package8 Sessions15 min.2.500 €
Invisalign moderate package15 Sessions15 min.3,000 €
Invisalign Comprehensive package25 Sessions15 min.3.500 €
aligner Treatment ( Half chin ) 8 Sessions15 min.1.500 €
aligner Treatment (Full Chin )8 Sessions15 min. 2.500 €