Dental Implant Specialist

Dental implant specialist they are specialist physicians who perform the relevant procedure for patients who need implants . “ Dental The scientific discipline that conducts studies on implants is called ” implantology ” .

Dental implant specialist it also warns the patient about what needs to be considered before and after the procedure. This is important as it can affect transaction success.


“ Tooth “ Implant ” is in the field of interest of “ periodontology ” of dentistry and sub-branches of oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery . So , can every dentist make implants ? No. The procedure is carried out by physicians specialized in the field of implants .

“ Dental implant “ cost ” , on the other hand, can be affected by factors such as the doctor’s experience, area of expertise, and the need for additional application/treatment. It is necessary to contact the clinic/center for information on this subject.

Which patients are suitable for this treatment, recovery stages and complications that may develop afterwards, etc. patients perform searches on platforms such as ” Youtube” . It is possible to come across a lot of informative content on the internet.

In the presence of missing teeth, “ implant ” treatment ” process is needed. However, non-adult individuals and smokers who have not yet completed bone growth and development are not suitable candidates for this treatment.

What Do Dental Implant Specialists Do?

A dental implant specialist,

  • Performs the relevant treatment procedures safely and plans the treatment process.
  • It decides whether the patient is suitable for implant treatment. For this purpose, he questions criteria such as the patient’s bone density, age, chronic diseases, smoking status.
  • Selects the appropriate dental implant for suitable individuals .
  • the patients with low bone density ready for the procedure by applying the bone powder
  • He sutures the relevant area and puts the necessary “ dental ” implements ” procedures ” .
  • Prescribes necessary medications (such as antibiotics, pain relievers, mouthwash) after the procedure.
  • He takes the sutures and plans the patient’s post-application controls.
  • After a successful operation, that is, 8-12 weeks after the operation, an aesthetically formed prosthetic tooth (“ artificial denture”) is placed on the implant . tooth ” ).
  • When all phases are over, it provides the necessary information for maintenance and general dental health.
Dental Implant Specialist

As recommended for everyone, tooth brushing and flossing should be continued regularly and dental examinations should be performed at least once a year. “ Preventive With dentistry applications, it is aimed to prevent common diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis. This also reduces the risk of tooth loss.