Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is one of the methods in which modern technological opportunities preferred in dental treatment processes around the world are used at the highest level. Digital technologies provide a lot of convenience in the positive outcome of the treatment process between the patient and the doctor.

Digital Smile Design allows the full analysis of the mouth and tooth structure of the patient to be treated. In the mouth structure seen in the 3D analytical plane, all damages for the interventions to be made are determined almost completely with x-ray and film supports.

Digital Smile Design Program

The most important advantage of digital smile design applications can be expressed as the ability of doctors to perform their interventions on a prototype before applying them on the patient. Both the detection of all damaged points that the patient needs are visually examined with artificial intelligence supported software, and it is possible to print models of the area to be treated with 3D printers.

The process to be planned in this treatment method; It begins primarily with the examination of the patient. After this examination, which is carried out through conventional methods, a vector model of the mouth structure is created with medical devices guided by artificial intelligence.

After this stage, the treatment process begins when it is decided that the treatment methods requested by the patient are suitable for the mouth and teeth structure he has. Otherwise, it will be more appropriate for the health of the patient to make alternative interventions that are considered more appropriate with the advice of the doctor.

Advantages of this treatment method;

  • Making personalized smile design planning,
  • Being able to visually present the treatments to the patient in advance,
  • Presenting the smile design that will fit the patient in the most aesthetic way, not abstractly.

Parameters such as these provide advantages to the patient and the doctor.

Smile Design Dental Clinic

Erce Belecoğlu Clinic is a Turkey-based polyclinic that works on smile aesthetics in the field of Oral and Dental Health, continues its treatments with specialist physicians and technological devices. Patients who want to collaborate with Erce Beleçoğlu, who continues their treatment in the Ankara central unit, and who request treatment can participate from various parts of the world.

In this treatment process, which can be evaluated in the field of health tourism, planning is made on a compact working model, including your arrival in Ankara from different geographies of the world.

We organize all the necessary work for you to take over the responsibility and have an aesthetic smile, along with the round-trip transfers, airport pick-up process, and accommodation procedures required during the treatment period in Turkey.

You can also contact us to get more detailed information about our services and current prices.