composite bonding cost

“Composite bonding cost” may vary according to different parameters, as in other treatment costs related to oral and dental health. These parameters include the mouth structure of the patient and the technologies of the devices to be used in the treatment process.

Compared to the first times when this treatment method was applied, “Composite bonding cost” is now more advantageous for the patient. The reason for this situation is the development of technological devices and the more widespread application areas.

What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding is a frequently used treatment method to provide aesthetic oral and dental health. Tooth bonding is the process of sticking the composite filling suitable for the color of the natural tooth to the fractured area of ​​the tooth without damaging the tooth structure and without abrasion. When there are gaps and deformities between the teeth of the patient, attachments are made to cover the tooth by using bonding material without cutting the teeth. The purpose of this application is as follows;

  • To close the gap between teeth
  • Repairing cracked and chipped teeth
  • Changing tooth shapes
  • Repairing blackened decayed teeth
  • If the tooth size is small, enlarge it with the applied process.

has application purposes. In the treatment applied, the structure of any tooth does not deteriorate. Tooth cutting or thinning is not applied. The bonding treatment takes between 30 and 60 minutes on average. Depending on the person’s mouth and teeth structure, it is completed in a single session. Anesthesia is not applied during the treatment and there is no feeling of pain.

Front Tooth Bonding Cost

Considering the price of the tooth bonding application, it is seen that although it is an application for aesthetic purposes, it is more suitable than other aesthetic applications. Of course, this varies from person to person. It varies according to the cost of the desired treatment method, especially the mouth and tooth structure of the patient.

Bonding therapy has many advantages. No thinning or abrasion is applied to the teeth. In this way, the structure of the tooth is not deteriorated. The treatment ends in a short time and it is a reversible application. Therefore, considering the advantages it provides, its cost is quite low.

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