Smile Design Turkey

Within the scope of Smile Design Turkey services, alternative treatment methods are applied for you to have a healthy and aesthetic mouth structure. Laminate Venner, crown veneer, zirconium veneer, pink aesthetic, implant and composite laminate treatment methodsIt is known as a few of the procedures applied for smile design.

You can meet your demands with Smile Design Turkey treatments. We use treatment methods suitable for your aesthetic image demands that vary from person to person. If the applications you request are suitable for your physical characteristics, you can have the aesthetic smile you dream of.

Smile Design Turkey

What is Smile Design?

The main purpose of this application is to provide the most special smile to the face by applying dentistry, aesthetics and art together. With this design, it is possible to achieve healthier smiles and brightly shining teeth. The basic elements of a healthy, aesthetic and beautiful smile are our teeth. In order to have information about tooth shapes and anatomical features, the inner and outer edges of your facial features should be examined professionally.

After examining these factors, the structure of the teeth is determined. After the treatment, it will help you look younger thanks to an effective smile. It does not only give patients a healthy and aesthetic smile. It also enables him to reflect his mental state and happiness to the outside world in an aesthetic and impressive way, with a clear expression. In this way, we can say that it also interferes with people’s emotional states.

Laughter is one of the indispensable parts of life. Having a beautiful smile helps you both laugh to the fullest and enjoy life. Being able to laugh without worrying about how you look improves one’s quality of life. Thanks to this health application applied today, you can find the most suitable smile for your face.

How to Smile Design?

Since patients may have different needs and expectations, smile aesthetics come together with personalized applications. In this direction, important details such as the patient’s age, expectations, face shape and gender are also taken into consideration. The studies we have listed for those who request an operation in the field of oral and dental health are waiting;

Gums are treated thanks to pink aesthetics

Concluding the damaged areas on the upper part of the gums with crown (Coating) treatments

Laminate Veneer applications are applied by arranging on the tooth tissue and porcelain veneer is made

Composite Laminate (Bonding) studies produce aesthetic solutions especially for hereditary problems in anterior teeth

With the whitening application, the desired tooth color is obtained

The negative image is changed using implants

applications such as the number and application area of ​​these applications may vary according to the situations that the person needs. If the patient does not pay attention to his oral and dental health and does not have regular check-ups, various problems may occur. If all these points are given due care, a long-term use can be achieved.

Smile Design Turkey Prices

There are important factors to consider when determining smile design prices. The first of these is the availability of genetic factors including the mouth, face and bone structure of the person. The other factor is the expectation of the patient after the design. In any complicated situation that occurs during the treatment, there are changes on the prices of smile aesthetics. Prices vary according to customer requests. Turkish Dentists Association publishes a price list every year to be a kind of guide for all dentists and dental polyclinics. According to the information published by the Turkish Dentists Association about 2022 dental treatment prices;

Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain) : 400 €

Full Ceramic Crown (Emax Crown – No Metal Support): 400 €

Zirconium Crown (Amann Girrbach Zr Block – Posterior Teeth): 300 €

We can offer prices of some treatments that can be applied, such as Depending on the devices and materials to be used in these applications, the price may vary.

In smile design, more than one operation can be performed at the same time, as well as a single operation. Depending on this situation, prices may increase or decrease. A clear pricing is offered to you after the inspection.

“Smile aesthetics” is among our services coordinated to reach different parts of the world within the framework of health tourism. We have support services for transfer processes and accommodation processes directly from around the world for our Ankara center in Turkey. If you want to find answers to your health demands with Erce Beleçoğlu Smile Aesthetics studies, which are made in a quality and original way, you can reach us from our contact addresses.

Erce Beleçoğlu Smile Aesthetics

Smile design, which is becoming more popular day by day, varies from patient to patient in terms of price. There are treatments available for every budget. All the processes we apply in our polyclinic include the design. It is offered in a way that every patient can benefit from in terms of price.

In smile design, more than one operation can be performed at the same time, as well as a single operation. Depending on this situation, prices may increase or decrease. If you want to get a service that is both safe and budget-friendly, you can contact our polyclinic. You can take advantage of the service we offer at any time of the day for you. You can contact us to make an appointment or to find answers to your questions.

Smile Design Turkey