Turkey Veneers Holiday Package

Turkey veneers holiday package provides dental treatment and vacation at the same time. Turkey is a very suitable country for dental veneer and implant treatments. Dental veneers in Turkey, accompanied by experienced and expert dentists, with quality materials, reliably and at affordable prices. possible to own.

Turkey veneers holiday package Achieving the dreamed smile is not challenging and costly. smile design , Turkey stands out in terms of price and quality for applications such as Hollywood smile , as well as many implants .

Turkey Veneers Holiday Packages Details

Having dental veneers application in Turkey has many advantages. The first advantage is that it can be processed at affordable prices and the education and experience of the dentists is at a high level. In addition, Turkey is a suitable country for a holiday with its natural beauties and friendly people. You can have many advantages by having your dental treatment here.

Turkey veneers holiday packages ;

  • VIP airport transfer,
  • accomadation and hotel,
  • treatment process and
  • city travel and can provide holiday opportunities.

Thanks to these opportunities, the person can experience the holiday of his dreams while getting the smile he dreams of without any difficulties.

Turkey Veneers Holiday Package

Dental Veneer Applications

These practices vary according to the person’s oral and dental health, needs and expectations. A variety of dental veneers are available in many different materials and with different properties . Each one stands out with a different feature.


  • Zirconium veneer
  • Laminate veneer _ _ porcelain , ½ Veneer , ¼ Veneer )
  • Empress (Full porcelain , Full Ceramic ) dental veneers are widely used.

Zirconium veneer : Zirconium is white and silver in color and is an element very close to the natural tooth structure. Zirconium veneers adapt to the person’s mouth and teeth structure at a high level.

Laminate veneer : It is produced from porcelain and composite materials. It is mostly applied in problems such as tooth fractures. It provides the opportunity to apply in a small area, with less intervention and in a short time .

Empress dental veneers: It can be applied very thinly. Laminate Produced from the same material as veneer , they differ from each other in terms of application method. It is the most aesthetic and successful method especially in single tooth applications.

Erce With Beleçoğlu , you can have the teeth of your dreams in a short time, and while completing these procedures, you can find the chance to vacation in Turkey. implants package prices and other details, contact us to get dental veneers with easy and reliable results.