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It is one of the most demanded applications in crowded cities such as ” Tooth implant Istanbul “.  Implant surgery is performed to compensate for this loss in case of tooth loss. Regardless of the cause of tooth loss, patients who meet certain conditions can benefit from this application.

It is a treatment that can be performed in many clinics in the city of Tooth implant Istanbul . Tooth loss can occur due to reasons such as dental caries or physical damage. The most effective treatment of these losses today is the implant. In the selection of the center where the implant will be made, the experience, prices and technological possibilities of the enterprise should be investigated. Erce Beleçoğlu, who provides service in his clinic in Ankara, updates his technical equipment by constantly following the latest developments.

Tooth Implant Cost Istanbul

Istanbul is not only among the most expensive cities in the country, not only in the field of dentistry, but also in general. It is observed that the prices also change at the district level. “Turkey dental implants” has highly experienced physicians in the field. These physicians serve in their clinics in cities such as Ankara and Istanbul, where the country’s most well-established universities in the field of health sciences are located.

Istanbul dental implants price and tooth implant Istanbul price are frequently researched. You can find the prices we apply for dental implants and related procedures in our clinic, which continues its activities in Ankara, from the table below.

Treatment Session Time Price (8% VAT Included-EURO)
Panoramic Film (Includes Inspection) one 10 min. 30 €
Detailed Examination (X-ray included) one 1 hour 50 €
Dental X-Ray Film (Periapical) one 10 min 20 €
Implant Teeth (1 Piece T-Base, Screwed, With Zirconium Coating) one 15-45 min. 900 €
Implant Teeth (Excluding 1 Superstructure Prosthesis) one 15-45 min. 600 €
Total care – Detailed Teeth Cleaning one 1 Hour 110 €
For Your Dental Clinic Needed in Istanbul

Tooth Implant Istanbul Turkey

“Teeth implant Istanbul” , it stands out as a relatively expensive option. So which is the “ best dental clinic in Turkey ”? It is quite difficult to mention a single best dental clinic. For this reason, it is necessary to act on certain principles and evaluate the clinics accordingly.

dentist ” who approaches the patient with a smiling face and is self-sacrificing in treatment is a candidate to be the best. Clinics hosting these physicians can be identified by prior research. For example, Erce Belecoğlu’s clinic is a center where users make extremely positive comments on search engine queries.

“Turkey” is a country where physicians with high practice experience are frequently involved. Because the demand for treatment applications such as ” dental implant ” is quite high. Dental problems are quite common among people living in Turkey.

Tooth Implant Istanbul

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Dental Implant Istanbul

Loss of one or more teeth may occur. Dental caries, which are not intervened in time, is an important cause of tooth loss. Caries can be seen in people who neglect their oral and dental health and do not brush their teeth as often as recommended. When this is accompanied by factors such as genetic predisposition, losses are inevitable.

Even if there are no complaints, it is recommended to visit the dentist at six-month intervals. Because some problems, such as caries, sometimes do not give any symptoms. However, it can be revealed with the help of imaging methods such as x-rays. Orthodontic problems such as crooked teeth can also weaken teeth. Teeth that engage or put pressure on each other may wobble over time.

Implant is the most effective way to replace the lost teeth due to the aforementioned reasons. After tooth loss, implantation should be performed before regional fusion is completed. Otherwise, application success may decrease. There may be individuals whose bone density is not sufficient for any reason such as advanced age. In such cases, preparation for the implant can be made with methods such as bone powder.

Tooth Implant Istanbul

Dental Clinic Istanbul

Dental treatment in Turkey ” covers all treatments in the field. There is no treatment that cannot be performed in the country. However, it cannot be expected that every clinic will be in the same situation. Because physicians in clinics are specialized in certain fields or fields. The treatments and procedures listed below are performed in Erce Beleçoğlu’s clinic in Ankara.

Preventive Dentistry

Orthodontic Treatments

Dental Implant Treatment 

Surgical Treatments


Aesthetic dentistry

Periodontological Treatments

For Your Dental Clinic Needed in Istanbul
Treatment Session Time Price (8% VAT Included-EURO
Laminate Veneer 2-3 1-6 Hours 600 €
Full Ceramic Crown (Emax Crown – No Metal Support) 2-3 1-6 Hours 600 €
Zirconium Crown (Amann Girrbach Zr Block – Posterior Teeth) 2-3 1-6 Hours 400 €
Composite Lamina (Bonding) one 45 min.-1.5 Hours 200 €
Composite Filling one 45 min.-1.5 Hours 100 €
Root Canal Treatment and Filling one 45 min.-1.5 Hours 200 €
Composite Filling one 45 min.-1.5 Hours 100 €
Fiber Post Placement and Filling one 45 min.-1.5 Hours 150 €