Teeth Whitening Atlanta

Teeth whitening Atlanta is a city where dental whitening procedures are performed frequently. Thanks to this process, it is possible for the teeth to appear white and bright. This increases the self-confidence of the person and makes him look more beautiful physically.

Teeth whitening can be performed by a dentist in the fastest and safest way in Atlanta. There are several types of teeth whitening applications with similar results. It is possible to whiten teeth at home by applying the whitening gel given by the dentist to the tooth molds prepared by the dentist. In addition, there are procedures such as laser teeth whitening, all stages of which are performed by the physician.

Best Teeth Whitening Process in Atlanta

Teeth become stained and turn yellow over time due to many reasons such as eating habits, coffee and smoking. Various methods have emerged over the years to get rid of this appearance. There are products such as teeth whitening kit that can be purchased from markets and pharmacies. However, the most effective application to whiten teeth is the professional teeth whitening procedure to be performed by a dentist.

Applications made with teeth whitening products without the supervision of a dentist;

  • It may damage the teeth.
  • It can cause various problems in the gums and in the mouth.
  • It takes a long time to get results.
  • The resulting whitening is usually temporary.
Teeth Whitening Atlanta

Tooth Whitening

Dental whitening
should be applied professionally in order to perform the whitening process without damaging the teeth and gums. Best teeth whitening at-home can be done under the control of a dentist, with the necessary equipment and application support. Instead, for professional whitening teeth, a version where the dentist does all the application can be preferred.

Professional Whitening Teeth

Professional teeth whitening is a treatment performed by a dentist. In this way, it is possible to make the teeth appear white and bright. The application under the control of the dentist will not harm the teeth and gums.

The application is done as follows;

  • After the dental examination, the dentist determines which products and what level of whitening will be done.
  • If the procedure is to be completed in the clinic, the application is completed with appropriate laser teeth whitening or various medical bleaching equipment.
  • If the at-home teeth whitening procedure is selected, the dentist will remove the mold of the teeth.
  • This mold and the whitening gel to be applied are given to the patient.
  • At home, in accordance with the doctor’s advice, the whitening process is completed in about a week.

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