Teeth Lamination

Teeth lamination is a type of veneer that is applied by applying a thin layer on the teeth. Minimal filing or reduction is performed on the teeth. Thus, the natural teeth are preserved and the teeth become more aesthetic and functional.

Teeth lamination before and after is a curious comparison. With the teeth laminate application, the teeth are only thinned millimetrically without cutting them. Leaf-shaped porcelains are glued to the thinned tooth surface. The application is popularly known as leaf teeth. Thin and metal-free “laminate teeth” provide a very natural and aesthetic appearance.

Teeth Lamination Cost

As we all know, our teeth are structures with extremely important functions. The tooth is known as the hardest structure in the human body. However, unfortunately, it is a structure open to bacterial effects and physical impacts. For this reason, tooth loss is one of the most important problems today.

What is teeth lamination? Lamination, which is considered as a kind of smile aesthetic application, is usually performed by placing a porcelain layer on the front surface of the teeth. However, composite material can also be preferred. During the application, the dentist removes a very thin layer from the front of the tooth. Instead, “laminates veneers” are placed.

The new layer provides a color and shine in harmony with the natural structure of the tooth. Lamination is not only aesthetic but also functional. It is also a method that can be preferred for aesthetic treatment of conditions such as caries, stains and cracks.

Teeth Lamination

Teeth Lamination Before and After

“Tooth laminate” can be applied only as an aesthetic operation or for cosmetic treatment of problems such as caries and cracks. Teeth before veneers is evaluated by the physician. Thus, a number of procedures such as x-rays and tooth impressions are taken.

If you are deemed suitable for the procedure by your dentist, many details such as the benefits, risks and cost of the procedure will be discussed. We have already mentioned that lamination is a type of veneer application. During the procedure, only a few mm thick piece of the tooth is removed. This is usually between 0.3 and 0.7 mm in size.

The comparison of “veneers before and after” is often of interest to potential users. After the procedure, it is possible to have teeth that are similar to natural teeth and have high levels of brightness. Those who benefit from the application generally have a high level of satisfaction.

Veneers and Laminates

Dental veneers aesthetically repair teeth whose structure has been damaged due to certain reasons. This procedure is generally recommended when applications such as filling and root canal treatment cannot be performed. What is laminated teeth? Anyone who wants to have an aesthetically better looking tooth structure can benefit from the application. These veneers are also a good treatment method.

Once your veneers are ready, your dentist will first temporarily place them on your teeth to examine the fit and color. So what is the difference between veneers and laminates? Laminate is the name of one type of veneer. But there are also different types of veneers. You can find some of them below;





Teeth Veneers Before and After

You can have pearly teeth thanks to the most preferred coatings such as zirconium and porcelain. Coatings are generally made to improve the aesthetic appearance. The color, shape and alignment of the teeth are among the purposes of veneers. Sometimes, stubborn stains on teeth cannot be resolved with methods such as whitening gel. However, thanks to the coatings, the color can have the desired brightness.

The coatings are largely resistant to abrasion and rot. The coating, which is a fast and effective process, is usually ready in a few appointments. You can visit our web page for information on topics such as porcelain veneers cost. Our clinic is located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, and offers services such as health tourism.