Straumann Implant

Straumann Implant is a medical device manufacturer operating in the field of implant production. Company, dental dentistry in fields such as restorative, orthodontic and preventive dentistry. implants ”, develops biomaterials and various software. It is a Swiss based company.

Straumann implant has an important position among the companies that develop implants. The company’s first ” dental implant ” production took place in 1974 and successfully completed its clinical tests at the University of Bern. The use of “ dental ” implants is the most effective treatment method known today in case of tooth loss. The lost tooth is replaced with a new one by artificial means. Thus, both aesthetic and functional treatment is provided.

Straumann Implant

Straumann is a well-established ” implant ” and medical device manufacturer serving worldwide . Their production is generally directed to the field of dentistry. Implants of this brand have been used in the treatment of millions of people around the world. It is known that patient satisfaction is generally high.

Straumann works with various research institutes, universities and clinics around the world. It cooperates with the leading institutions of the sector in product and service development. Teeth are the most durable structure in the human body. It can remain intact for a very long time, even after death.

The durable structure of the teeth, unfortunately, can be easily damaged in the conditions of the modern world. One of the most important reasons for this is tooth decay. Untreated caries can result in tooth loss after a while. As a result of not giving importance to oral and dental care, bacterial plaques may occur with increased microorganism activities. Thus, tooth decay may inevitably occur.

Apart from caries, some orthodontic problems, genetic predisposition and physical damage can also result in tooth loss. Teeth , most of which are broken , cannot usually be saved by filling. The most effective treatment method for such conditions is implant application.

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Straumann Implant Istanbul

Istanbul is the country’s largest city in terms of population density. The demand for dental operations is also extremely high. Straumann brand dental Implants are successfully applied in many countries of the world.

The brand stands out with its durability, high tissue compatibility and flexible size options. When reviewing user reviews, it is generally praised for its fast recovery times and longevity. These implants can be applied to all patients deemed suitable for the procedure. Some factors such as osteoporosis and being in the developmental age may lead you to be excluded from the operation.

Straumann Implant

Straumann Dental Implant Ankara

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and hosts the most well-established educational institutions in the field of health sciences. An important part of the dentists who graduated from these institutions serve in the clinics they have established in the city. Straumann brand implants are also widely used in Ankara.

Erce Beleçoğlu’s clinic in Ankara offers many implant model options, including Straumann . You can find the price list for the implant and related procedures applied in the clinic from the table below.

Straumann Implant
Treatment Session Time Price (8% VAT Included-EURO)
Panoramic Film (Includes Inspection) one 10 min. 30 €
Detailed Examination (X-ray included) one 1 hour 50 €
Dental X-Ray Film (Periapical) one 10 min 20 €
Implant Teeth (1 Piece T-Base, Screwed, With Zirconium Coating) one 15-45 min. 900 €
Implant Teeth (Excluding 1 Superstructure Prosthesis) one 15-45 min. 600 €
Total care – Detailed Teeth Cleaning one 1 Hour 110 €
Dental Implant Istanbul

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Straumann Tissue Level Implant

Straumann’s implant productions are divided into various categories;

Tissue level implants: Developed to protect the tissues around the implant. It mimics natural human anatomy. It greatly facilitates cleaning due to the boundary at the tissue level.

Bone level ” implants : It has a natural feel and appearance. It provides high patient satisfaction with its short recovery times and aesthetics. Such implants also have a tapered connection, which greatly reduces the chance of abutment screw loosening.

Implant surfaces system: Implant surfaces with many features such as SLA and ZLA are also in the company’s area of interest.

Ceramic implants: Ideal for patients with aesthetic concerns. It does not contain metal and is compatible with human tissue.

Produces highly durable implant materials based on long-term scientific research results . There are material options such as Grade 4 Titanium, Roxolid and Zirconia .

Straumann's implant
Straumann Implant

Straumann Implant Size

Straumann , which has a rich dental implant product range , produces implants in different sizes according to the product category. For example , Roxolid is a specially designed model. It is manufactured using 15% zirconium and 85% titanium.

Roxolid has been designed with special emphasis on harmony with the bone texture and high strength. It also has short recovery time and high clinical performance. As a result of a three-year follow-up, a very high success rate of 97.5% was achieved. In addition , the Roxolid product is guaranteed by Straumann for life .

Ceramic implants produced by Straumann , on the other hand, have a clinically proven ZLA surface. They are relatively small in size. Available in various diameters such as 3.6 and 3.3 mm. A wide range of implants for more aesthetic results and a high level of functionality implant abutment range. To date, it has been successfully applied to more than 80 thousand people.

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How Much Does a Straumann implant Cost ?”

A dental implant can be used for an average of 25-30 years if the recommendations of the physician are followed and adequate care is taken. In addition, no reduction or intervention is required for the teeth adjacent to the implant.

The implant is firmly fixed with the jaw. With the prosthesis to be added after the screw is placed, it will have an aesthetic and natural tooth appearance. So how is implant placement done? First, the type of implant is selected. such as titanium. If the patient is suitable for the procedure , the implant is placed under local anesthesia. The patient is informed, the points that need attention are explained and an appointment is made for control.

When it is understood that there is no problem during the control, a prosthesis is placed on the implant. Straumann brand implants have different types and sizes that we have mentioned before. The most suitable type for the patient can be decided by the ” dentist ” orientation. Straumann Implant prices are affected by some factors, some of which are listed below:

Which model is preferred?

Pricing policies of the dental clinic,

Dimensions of the implant.

Straumann Implant