Smile Design Manhattan

You can have the healthy and aesthetic teeth you dream of with a series of operations performed within the scope of “Smile Design Manhattan” studies. You can benefit from smile design studies, together with the implementation of the plan for the procedures you request, according to the result of the personal examination.

Within the scope of our “Smile Design Manhattan” treatment program, the appointment date and travel plan are decided. Then, the probability of realization of the changes requested by the person in a healthy way is decided. Finally, the recommended treatment methods are presented with the approval of the doctor and the procedures are started according to the patient’s preference.

What Are Smile Design Manhattan Treatments?

The initial processes of smile design treatments are very important. Accurate analyzes should be done in order not to deteriorate the patient’s life comfort and to avoid the need for long-term recovery processes.

In a correct polyclinic service, primarily;

  • Work is done on the analysis of the mouth structure,
  • Physiologically, the possibility of realizing the demands of the patients is examined,
  • 3D movies are shot by making use of technological opportunities,
  • If the patient’s demands are at a level that can be met, treatment planning is made in order to obtain the healthiest result.

The studies to be carried out within the scope of smile design are separated by different treatment methods.

While it is possible to apply various treatments for a person who requests a smile design, in recent years, increasing;

  • Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain)
  • Crowns (Plated)
  • Transparent Braces and Clear Plaque Treatment
  • Orthodontic Treatments
  • Teeth whitening
  • Composite Lamina (Bonding)
  • Implant
  • Pink Aesthetics

applications are preferred.

Smile Design Near Me

Erce Belecoğlu, which provides Aesthetic Smile Treatment services for everyone from different parts of the world, offers a compact health tourism service for you, including transfer, hotel and examination procedures.

In our working method following the international transfer procedures for you to reach our Turkey Ankara center from your country, we propose to plan the hotel where you can stay comfortably and to implement every detail including the internal transfer during the inspection process.

You can reach us from our contact addresses for more detailed information about our examination and treatment processes specially designed for your aesthetic dental health.