Smile Design Germany

Within the scope of our Smile Design Germany treatments,  it is possible to offer outpatient interventions in the field of oral and dental health with a series of aesthetic operations. The studies to be carried out in the field of smile design vary depending on the expectations from person to person.

Within Smile Design Germany, you can choose the most advantageous applications for your personal health. You can access detailed information by contacting us for aesthetic dental treatments, which are also among the applications offered by Erce Beleçoglu.

What is Smile Design Germany?

The oral structures of individuals may vary both naturally and later due to accidents or genetics. Individuals can request intervention both in the oral image that they decide to change as a result of dissatisfaction with physical characteristics and in the oral structures that are accidented due to traumatic reasons.

At this stage, oral and dental health operations can be performed in different areas by applying to an accurate aesthetician. The common purpose of all these interventions is a healthy and aesthetic mouth/tooth image.

The working description of every intervention and application made for these reasons in the medical literature; is expressed as smile design.   You can visit Erce Belecoglu’s Turkey/Ankara headquarters for your smile design Germany work. You can also benefit from these facilities in the field of health tourism, including transfer processes.

Smile Design Germany
Smile Design Germany

What Applications Does Smile Design Include?

Smile aesthetics applications do not consist of just one treatment method. It is an important goal to reach the image that is most suitable for oral and dental health; however, these procedures should be performed in the healthiest way.

These applications are done in many areas in various ways. Some of these treatment methods; Bonding, Laminate Veneer, Coating, orthodontics and Bleaching methods. The number of these treatments may vary according to the patient’s demands.

  • Bonding method produces solutions for damaged teeth that are inherited, including cracking and cracking.
  • Laminate Veneer is one of the most applied methods in recent years. Aesthetic appearance is obtained with coatings prepared in the form of leaf porcelain.
  • Coating; It is a method used in all kinds of dental treatment applications designed especially for caries that occur in the sections above the gum line.
  • With orthodontics, work is done to reach the most suitable form for anatomy within the scope of dental and jawstructure.
  • Bleaching covers the cleansing of unnatural residues on the teeth and the healthy whitening of the tooth color.

How Much Are Digital Smile Design Prices?

The digital smile design method is an issue that has improved especially since the 2010s. Apart from the methods applied in classical dental treatments, it is carried out by using medical devices supported by robotic memory and artificial intelligence technologies.

It is considered an important technological breakthrough especially for people who have a constantly moving mouth use, business people who have a high rate of speech and people who frequently use their gestures.

The beginning of the treatment, which occurs with the rest of all the patient’s demands before the examination, is followed by the filming of the patient’s mouth and teeth.

At this stage, studies are carried out on the patient’s speech moments, smile angles and visible tooth versions with the devices that activate the memory system.

With the digital smile design, which is an important stage in smile aesthetics, which is popular with the completion of only missing teeth and filling treatments in previous years; People can achieve the most aesthetic results even when they give images at different angles.

Since digital smile aesthetics studies are not a single application, a fixed price is not offered in this field. You can also contact us to get the most up-to-date price information.

How much are Smile Design Prices?

Smile design prices are generally determined by the Dental Association throughout Turkey in turkish lira.  It is also possible to take advantage of the most advantageous prices for Smile Design Germany studies.

New opportunities are offered in the field of health tourism for people who want to benefit from Erce Beleçoglu’s  aesthetic  politics.  You can plan your treatment process with us, including the transfer process starting from the airport. You can share your questions with us in many areas, including smile aesthetics, and you can contact us on our online platforms to request treatment.

Smile Design Germany