Pink Esthetics

Ankara is one of the leading cities in the treatment of gum aesthetics, known as pink aesthetics, and is a term that expresses the improvements and arrangements made in the color or structure of the gums. In order to have a healthy and beautiful smile, the gums as well as the teeth should be healthy, as well as the mouth and teeth. Therefore, pink aesthetic smile constitutes an important part of the aesthetic treatment.

Ankara pink aesthetic applications are used for the gingival structure that is inflamed, purple or dark colored, constantly bleeding and does not make the person happy; It is the process of integrating a healthy, light pink color with teeth and a person’s natural smile. There are two main goals in the pink aesthetic treatment. These are to make the gums healthy and at the same time aesthetic. Because; aesthetics can only become valuable and sustainable when combined with health.

Ankara Pembe Estetik

What is Ankara Pink Aesthetics?

In order to explain the importance of gums and pink aesthetics, it is necessary to mention all the points that make up a good smile and smile aesthetics. Smile aesthetics is when the elements that make up a person’s smile such as teeth, gums, lips and facial lines are healthy and compatible with each other, both individually and as a whole. (For more detailed information about smile aesthetics, you can check our Smile Aesthetics page.)

Gum aesthetics, also called pink aesthetics, is one of the important factors that create a beautiful and healthy smile. In the pink aesthetic treatment, it is planned to eliminate the negative factors found here by focusing on the gums. Healthy gums are one of the indispensable factors for oral and dental health. Because; As unhealthy teeth affect the gums negatively, unhealthy gums also affect the teeth negatively. Here, the treatment made to eliminate all the visual and structural problems in the gums is called pink aesthetics.

In Which Cases Is Pink Aesthetics Applied?

Pink aesthetic treatment can be applied to eliminate all kinds of problems related to gums. The situations in which pink aesthetic treatment is applied are as follows;

  • In cases where crooked teeth cause problems in the gums
  • Inflamed and swollen gums
  • Gums that are pale or dark in color
  • In case of gingival recession
  • In gum growth
  • If teeth appear short due to gums
  • If your gums are too visible while smiling

These problems can be eliminated by applying gum aesthetic treatment.

Who Is Pink Aesthetics Applied?

It is a treatment method that can be applied to anyone who complains of pink aesthetic gums or ailments caused by gums. People who do not have a health problem in their gums but have a structure that disrupts the smile of their gums can also have pink aesthetic treatment. In fact, aesthetics and health are two concepts that are in a complex and interaction with each other. Unhealthy gums are generally far from an aesthetic appearance.

In general, pink aesthetic treatment;

  • People with excessive gums
  • People with one of their gums too high
  • People with increased space between teeth
  • People whose gums are swollen or inflamed
  • People whose gums have lost their natural color

It is an aesthetic treatment method applied.

Pembe Estetik Kimlere Uygulanır?
Pembe Estetik (Diş Eti Estetiği) Tedavisi Nasıl Yapılır?

How is Pink Aesthetics (Gum Aesthetics) Treatment Performed?

What is pink aesthetics? The pink aesthetic treatment begins with the discovery of what is the deterioration of the health or aesthetic appearance of the gums. The person transfers the gum problem to the dentist. The dentist first performs the necessary examinations in order to analyze the situation more clearly and to determine the source of the problem. The problem is determined by examining the detailed view of the teeth and the gums embedded in the teeth by x-ray.

After determining the factor that negatively affects dental aesthetics, the appropriate treatment method is determined depending on the elimination of this problem. Thus, pink aesthetic treatment is started. Treatments such as tooth lengthening, crown lengthening, gum filing are the main methods applied to remove excess gums. However, according to the results of the analysis of the gum, if there are some conditions that these treatments cannot respond to, alternative treatments such as vestibuloplasty, reverse vestibuloplasty, botox, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty can be applied in this case.

What is Gummy Smile?

Gummy Smile, also known as gum smile, is the situation where the gums of the person appear more than they should be during the smile. Since the teeth, gums, lips and jaw structure should be visible in certain proportions for an aesthetic and beautiful smile, excessive appearance of the gums is a factor that disrupts the aesthetics of the smile.

In people with gum smiles, which is a very common smile aesthetic problem, the gums appear much larger than they are. This causes the person to constantly cover his mouth with his hands while smiling and avoid smiling. There are treatments such as crown lengthening or botox to eliminate the gum smile that significantly affects the social life and self-confidence of the person.

Diş Eti Gülümsemesi (Gummy Smile) Nedir?
Gummy Smile Sebepleri Nelerdir?

What are the Causes of Gummy Smile?

The gum smile, which is one of the main reasons that disrupts the smile aesthetics, not only during the smile, but also during the conversation, causing the gums to appear above the expected ratio, causing psychological disturbance to the person.

In addition to the innate features, the factors that cause Gummy Smile are as follows;

  • Hypermobility in the upper lip muscle
  • The lower jaw and upper jaw are not at an equal angle
  • Thin upper lip
  • Low height of the teeth
  • Overgrown upper jaw upward
  • Inflammation due to some tooth and gum diseases
  • Some blood pressure medications used to cause growth in the gums over time.

How Do We Do The Pink Aesthetic Treatment?

In order to achieve successful and satisfactory results from Ankara pink aesthetic treatment, it must first be applied by a specialist physician. Causes such as insufficient oral care, gingivitis, chronic irritation or trauma can also lead to gingival enlargement. Therefore, we first understand the patient’s complaints and expectations after the treatment in pink aesthetic treatment. Within the framework of the patient’s complaint, we analyze the smile and smile design and transfer the results to the digital environment.

After determining the points that overshadow the patient’s smile and disturb him, we determine the necessary treatment / treatments to eliminate that discomfort and create a treatment plan. Whatever treatments are included in the treatment plan we have created, we start the pink aesthetic treatments in the order they should be.

Pembe Estetik Tedavisini Nasıl Yapıyoruz?

Pink Aesthetic Treatments We Apply

We determine the content of pink aesthetic treatments according to the patient’s complaints and discomfort. We also apply different treatment methods for gum problems caused by different reasons. You can see the most common treatments we apply within the scope of Ankara pink aesthetics in detail below.

Crown Length Extension

Crown lengthening is a treatment we apply to people whose gum tissue is seen more than 3 mm while smiling. This procedure, also known as tooth lengthening or tooth extension, is the process of removing excess gum tissue. During the crown lengthening process, which is one of the aesthetic dentistry treatments.

  • Gingivectomy
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Flap surgery
  • Surgical extrusion
  • Regenerative

Reginative medicine is a treatment method in which new and living tissues are developed to repair these tissues instead of diseased tissues. In some cases, gum diseases can cause damage to the gum tissues within the framework of pink aesthetic treatment. In such cases, we can enable some of the body’s mechanisms to be stimulated and restructured with some special methods applied.

  • Gum Filing

Gum filing is a method of shaping the gums to the desired shape using laser. The gum filing process is usually performed because the gums appear too much during the conversation or smile and consequently the tooth size is not equal. As a result of the gum filing treatment performed using advanced laser technology, we can bring the gums to the desired levels.

Botoks ile Gummy Smile Tedavisi

Gummy Smile Treatment with Botox

The use of botox, which is also used in different medical fields, is also becoming widespread in dentistry. Botox, which is applied as a solution to tooth tightening, is also used to eliminate the aesthetic problem caused by “Gummy Smile” and to have a healthier and desired size.

Botox treatment is applied to the muscles that pull the lip up. With Botox treatment, the upper opening limit of the lip during the smile is changed. Botox applied to the muscle that lifts the lip allows the lip to be positioned more shallowly. Due to less stretching on the lip, some thickening is also observed. Although it does not have a direct effect on lip thickness, it is indirectly effective.

Some increase in upper lip fullness is seen with Botox. The only situation that can be considered as the disadvantage of Botox; It can be said that it loses its effectiveness after 6 months and a new application is required.

Pink Aesthetic Treatment Recovery Time

In pink aesthetic applications, the healing process varies according to the treatment applied. The healing process of the gums is between 7-10 days. In some treatments, interventions may occur again at the end of this process. Care between sessions is very important. The person should not neglect tooth brushing and the supports recommended by the dentist. The change can be seen very clearly with photographs before and after gum aesthetics.

Things to Consider After Pink Aesthetics

The gums have a very sensitive structure. Therefore, after the pink aesthetic treatments applied to the gums, very cold and very hot foods and drinks should not be consumed for the first few days, and oral care should be done regularly. In addition, it is important to take care not to consume hard and shelled fruits and vegetables and not apply pressure to this shade.

Pembe Estetik Fiyatları Ne Kadar?

How Much Are Pink Aesthetics Prices?

The procedures that can be done within the scope of Ankara gum aesthetics are determined entirely according to the patient’s condition. In some cases, treatments are performed in combination with other aesthetic dentistry applications. Therefore, it will not be correct to give a price without analyzing it in detail. The pink aesthetic prices determined on the TDB Guide price tariff can only become clear after the control of the specialist dentist. Average gum aesthetics prices are as follows;

Pink aesthetic treatment, just like all other dental and gum treatments, does not cause any harm if it is applied by a specialist physician.

People who have pink aesthetics are very satisfied with the result by having a smile and gums as they wish after the procedure.

Pain is absolutely undesirable during these procedures. Treatments that are likely to be painful and painful are performed under local anesthesia and these sensations are eliminated.

Gingival darkening is seen due to the darkening of the natural pink color with the settling of the melanin pigment in the gum and it is eliminated with the treatment we call Gum Peeling.

Different natural methods that can be taken against gum recession are gargling with crystal salt, tea tree, baking soda, lemon oil, mustard oil and clove.

According to the researches, it has been observed that the frequency of gingival recession increases in case of vitamin C deficiency in the body.