Hollywood Smile Price

Hollywood smile price may vary according to the treatment to be performed within the scope of the application and the material used in the treatment. “Hollywood smile” is mostly provided with veneer applications. There is also the option of “dental implant” in case of tooth loss.

Hollywood smile price in Turkey” is relatively affordable and physicians produce extremely successful results. For this reason, many patients from abroad choose Turkey for applications such as Hollywood smile and “smile makeover“. You can make an appointment with a dentist to get the sparkling smiles of Hollywood stars. You can determine the most suitable option for you among options such as porcelain, emax or zirconium veneers with your dentist.

Hollywood Smile Price Turkey

One of the most prominent features that make Hollywood stars stand out is their shining teeth. Teeth that reveal themselves with an impressive smile have a secret. This secret involves the application of a number of aesthetic dentistry procedures. Veneers are at the forefront of these.

The Hollywood smile is known as a part of smile design applications. “Hollwyood smile dental” is characterized by veneers. Your teeth can be reduced in size and the remaining part can be covered with a material such as porcelain. In some cases, this procedure can also take the place of treatment. Materials such as zirconium are highly compatible with your teeth.

Where is “best Hollywood smile in Turkey” performed? If you want to redesign your smile with the help of digital technologies, you should consult an experienced dentist in this field. At Erce Beleçoğlu’s clinic in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, all procedures for smile design are successfully performed. You can find detailed fee information for treatments/applications in the rest of the article.

Hollywood Smile Price

Hollywood Smile Veneers Price

How much Hollywood smile cost in Turkey?” Turkey is a country that stands out with successful and experienced dentists. Moreover, it has an economic price advantage in dentistry applications. How much does Hollywood smile cost? You can find the prices valid in our clinic for some applications for smile design in the table below.

TreatmentSessionTimePrice (Taxes Included)
Panoramic Film (Includes Inspection)110 min.30 €
Teeth Bleaching (Whitening – Lower-Upper Jaw)1-21-2 hours500 €
Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain)2-31-6 hours600 €
Zirconium Crown (Amann Girrbach Zr Block - Posterior Teeth)2-31-6 hours400 €
Implant Teeth (Excluding 1 Superstructure Prosthesis)115-45 min700 €
Gummy Smile1-215-30 min200 €
Tooth Polishing11 hour70 €
Composite Lamina (Bonding)145 min. – 1,5 Hour150 €

Hollywood Smile Turkey Before and After

Our clinic serves as a dental health center that directly follows the current literature and has a state-of-the-art medical infrastructure. In addition, our patients coming from abroad can benefit from the services we offer within the scope of health tourism. We can summarize them as follows;

  • Airport pick-up by car
  • City tour
  • Food and beverage services
  • Guidance service
  • Accommodation service
  • Diagnosis and treatment services

When Hollywood smile Turkey reviews are examined, the comparisons made before and after the application come to the fore. Inspiring images are shared on the internet in this regard. The success of smile aesthetic applications is directly proportional to the selected clinic.

By applying veneers made of materials such as zirconium or porcelain, which are compatible with the natural structure of the tooth, you can have teeth that shine like pearls. For this purpose, teeth that are usually located in the front and visible during the smile are selected. Before aesthetic applications, teeth should not have different problems such as caries or stones.

Hollywood Smile Price