Dental Veneers

“Dental veneers ” is a treatment application that provides aesthetic and impressive smiles. Thanks to this method, the problems caused by fractures, cracks or caries in the tooth can be eliminated. Teeth are natural structures that can greatly affect the general appearance of the human face. For this reason, veneer applications show very effective results.

“Dental veneers ” is evaluated for ” Turkey “, it is striking that experienced physicians have produced extremely successful results. “ Veneers ” and many other “ cosmetics ” The dentistry ” process is in high demand in the country. This naturally leads to a high level of experience of physicians. A “ dental clinic ” can successfully apply many types of veneers. Please fill the form for your dental veneers needed.


Dental Veneers Cost

“ Smile ” design applications, is increasing day by day. “ Veneers “ cost ” is increasingly being researched and is a matter of curiosity. “ How much do veneers cost ? ” In Erce Beleçoğlu’s clinic in Ankara, you can examine the fees applied for veneers and other related procedures through the table below.

Treatment Session Time Price (%8 Vat Included)
Dental X-Ray Film (Periapical) 1 Session 10 min 20 €
Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain) 2-3 Sessions 1-6 Hours 600 €
Zirconium Crown (Amann Girrbach Zr Block – Posterior Teeth) 2-3 Sessions 1-6 Hours 400 €
Full Ceramic Crown (Emax Crown – No Metal Support) 2-3 Sessions 1-6 Hours 600 €
Teeth Bleaching (Whitening – Lower-Upper Jaw) 1-2 Sessions 1-2 Hours 500 €
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What are Dental Veneers?

Coating applications are procedures that are made for aesthetic purposes and also have a therapeutic side. “ Dental veneer meaning ” is also known as “ Hollywood smile ”. The secret of the extremely aesthetic looking and shining teeth of famous stars is veneers. This process can be carried out by using several different materials and applying different techniques.

Do dental veneers damage your teeth ? ” Although there are different types of this application, in general, the teeth do not suffer any significant damage and do not lose their functions. It forms a protective and aesthetic layer on the teeth. However, before the veneer is applied, the teeth can be thinned to the extent necessary. This application is mostly ” front teeth ” or is preferred for incisors. Because when we smile or talk, these teeth appear first.

Laminate Veneers

The laminate method is applied by abrading the tooth surface at a low level and then cleaning it. The tooth surface, which is filed and cleaned, is covered with a thin porcelain layer. Thin veneers can preserve the natural tooth appearance. The natural structure of the tooth does not deteriorate, and the yellowing of the teeth due to beverages such as tea and coffee is prevented.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain makes the teeth look extremely aesthetic and shiny. Many famous actors and singers have benefited from this application. Well “ What is porcelain veneer ? ” It is an application made using porcelain material to protect teeth that have lost substance due to different reasons. It does not harm the teeth and prolongs its life. The procedure can be performed to treat a problem such as a crooked tooth or just for an aesthetic purpose.

Zirconia Veneers

Zirconium has found a wide application area in recent years. In dentistry, it is preferred as a coating or implant material. It is a durable material that transmits light to a large extent and is also suitable for natural tooth structure.




Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers Cost

“Dental veneers process” causes the teeth to shine like pearls and changes the face of the person. People often do various studies to be sure of the results before making the decision to seek treatment. These include the experience of the dentist, prices and application success.

Inspiring visuals comparing before and after coating attract people’s attention. After the treatment, the yellowness, stains or damaged appearance of the teeth are removed. Smiles are impressive and aesthetic. With a simple search on the internet, it is possible to reach the list of celebrities who have had veneers.

Teeth whitening” is also among the indispensable elements of smile design. If there is no problem in the teeth that requires treatment and the person does not want to have a veneer, it can whiten their teeth.

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Dental Implants vs Veneers

Implant is one of the most effective applications that can be preferred in the treatment of tooth loss. Tooth loss may occur due to bruises, fractures and damage caused by various blows. Although titanium is generally preferred as the implant material, there are also options such as zirconium.

Comparing implant and coating processes is not the right approach. Because there are certain differences between the treatment areas of both applications. Veneers for vibrant and bright teeth; It is an ideal choice in cases where tooth loss does not occur. Well “How long does a veneer last on a tooth ?”

Unless there is an unusual situation, the coatings are completed in three sessions. The treatment time is directly proportional to the number of teeth to be veneered. The total processing time for a tooth can vary between 15 and 30 minutes.

In the presence of tooth loss, implant appears as an extremely therapeutic and aesthetic option. A shiny prosthesis is placed on the screw placed in the tooth cavity. Thus, it is possible to have both functional and aesthetic teeth.

Dental Veneers