Dental Implant

Dental Implant process is referred to as “intraosseous” in various sources. It is also possible to come across as “ implant ” . This procedure offers an effective treatment for people who have lost their teeth. It is the most effective treatment method known in terms of replacing the teeth.

Dental Implant aims to provide people with an artificial tooth root and an aesthetic crown. “ Crown ” is the visible part of the teeth that remains on the gum. The scientific discipline that studies the techniques for applying implants is called implantology .

What is Dental implant ?

Teeth can be basically divided into crown and root. They are structures that have important functions at the point of chewing, cutting and grinding food. In the past, when medical technologies were not at the level of today, new teeth could not be replaced. Although there are old applications such as gold teeth or ancient dental prosthesis, they are far from creating the durability of the implant today.

Human teeth can be damaged due to fractures, physical blows, bruises, or the tooth trying to come out by tilting in the wrong direction. These conditions can result in tooth loss. In addition, in advanced caries, “ dental filling ” or “ root canal It is often not possible to save the tooth with methods such as ” treatment ” .

The reasons mentioned are dental necessitates an implant procedure. The titanium screws used are intended to replace the tooth root. After the tooth root has fused with the bone, the crown is added by the dentist. In summary , dental Implant is an effective treatment method applied to replace the real tooth.

Dental implant stages

“ Dental Implant ” is usually made of titanium, which stands out with its compatibility with the human body and its reliability in terms of durability. In order to measure the compatibility of the bone with the implant , it is necessary to pass some tests with x-rays.

“Implant After all the pre- treatment procedures are completed, a regional anesthesia is applied. When the screw is placed and the process is completed, the patient will have a new tooth root.

“ Implant During “ surgery ” , the screw made of titanium is placed in the gap in the dental bone (alveolar socket) where the missing tooth is located. In this way, a new tooth root is obtained. The operation takes about 10-30 minutes. The cost of the implant is not very high, it is relatively easy to apply and replaces the original tooth.

  • titanium ” is inserted into the dental bone. implant is
  • a while for the implant to integrate with the bone.
  • If the integration process is successful , an aesthetically pleasing and tooth-like prosthesis is placed on the patient’s implant .
  • The patient now has a new and functional implant tooth.

Factors Affecting Dental Implant Success

  • General health status of the person to whom the procedure will be performed
  • The use of drugs that will affect the fusion of the implant with the tooth root
  • Time from tooth loss to implant placement . The earlier the doctor is consulted, the higher the success rate of treatment.
  • upper dental implant o The implants of the lower teeth are placed on the palatine bone. It is placed on the lower “ jaw ” bone called the mandible . The health status of these bones and gums can also affect success.
  • atrophy may occur after tooth extraction or fall, various applications are sometimes used to obtain the ideal bone and gingiva. These are sinus augmentation, “ gum ” applied by “ dentist ” graft or “ bone powder ”

“ oldest dental implant in the world ” was implemented in the USA. This is the first application recorded and patented, and was made by Greenfield in 1908 .

Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions


  • dental implant Does it affect the MRI?

This question preoccupies some patients. Because according to a common misconception, those with implants cannot have MRI or even computed tomography ( CT ). However, this information is completely wrong. For MRI , substances such as iron and steel that can be attracted by magnets should not be in the device. dental Materials such as titanium and porcelain used for implants are not attracted by the magnet. Therefore, there is no harm in having an MRI in these patients .

  • “ Dental implant What are ” materials ” ?

Titanium or its alloys for tooth root; For the crown part, porcelain or zirconium is preferred.

  • “ Dental implant How are the reviews ?

Patients can leave the clinic with a very high success rate when they apply to the dentist without losing much time after experiencing tooth loss and receive an appropriate treatment. Implants , whose functionality is almost close to normal teeth , make patients happy.

  • How long do dental implant last ?

Between 10-30 minutes for each tooth.

  • Are dental implants painful ?

No. The procedure is performed under anesthesia. After the procedure, you are not expected to feel any discomfort or pain, provided that you take the medications prescribed by the doctor on time and follow the recommendations.

  • “ Dental implant What are “ brands ” ?

Your physician will plan the most appropriate treatment for your situation and choose the most appropriate “ dental dental treatment”. implant will select the implant developed by the manufacturers ” . However, some brands on the market can be listed as follows: ITI “ Straumann ”, Nobel biocare , AlphaBio , DTI, Tekka , CSM, Implance , Bego Implant , BICON…

“ Dental implant prices ” and “ Straumann implant You can contact us for information on many topics such as “ prices ” .

  • “Full mouth dental Are implants possible?

Implanting all the teeth in the mouth is usually not a frequently needed procedure. However, it can be done if the patient has the necessary conditions. It can be applied with the approval of the physician if all the teeth in the mouth are protruding or falling out and the bone structure in the mouth is suitable for this. Sometimes, due to reasons such as genetic predisposition or some diseases, almost all teeth can become very weak and displaced. In such cases, the teeth can be extracted in a controlled manner and replaced with implant teeth. If you have question marks in your mind, your dentist will give the best decision and information.