Dental Bridge vs Implant

Dental bridge vs implant helps patients reach a solution by comparing the positive and negative aspects of the traditional method, the bridge and the more innovative method, the implant.

Dental bridge vs implant is performed in line with the knowledge and recommendations of dentists who are experts in the field. This comparison also known as tooth bridge vs implants.

Dental Bridge vs implant cost

The total cost of both procedures will differ from patient to patient. Some of the factors that create this difference can be listed as follows:

  • Different teeth or jaw parts that need treatment
  • Presence of an additional oral and dental health system disease
  • Requirement of additional surgical procedures
  • Bone density ratio of the patient. In the presence of this situation, the process can be continued by applying bone powder treatment. The dentist will make the right decision in this regard.

Dental You can find the current price list announced by the Turkish Dental Association for the different process stages of the implant with bridge below.

Dental bridge:

Roach Bridge (including VAT) 1,085 TL
Adhesive Bridge (like Maryland etc. – VAT included) 1,350 TL
Fallen Crown and Bridge Cementation (For each fixed member-VAT included) 160 TL
Crown Bridge Repair (For each member-VAT included) 700 TL


Implant Supported Removable Prostheses (Excluding the precision holder fee – single chin-VAT included) 4,820 TL
Implant Guide (Half chin-VAT included) 1,505 TL
Implant Guide (Full chin-VAT included) 2,175 TL
Hood Removal- Implant Top Opening (VAT included) 555 TL
Reimplantation 1,545 TL
Intra-Bone Implant ( Excluding Blade single implant fee-VAT included) 4.125 TL
Intra-Bone Implant (Excluding single cylindrical implant fee – VAT included) 4,090 TL
Implant (including VAT) 1,590 TL
Zygoma Implant ( Excluding Implant Fee-VAT included) 4.185 TL
Peri- Implantitis (Surgery) ( Excluding Biomaterial and membrane fee), (Single imp .-VAT included) 1,085 TL
Peri- Implantitis (Non-surgical), (Single imp – VAT included) 450 TL

Dental Bridge or implant for Front Teeth

In this preference, the tooth or jaw region is of no great importance. Therefore, it is necessary to make a more general evaluation. Treatment planning is best done together with a dentist who is an expert in the field. “Bridge vs. What are the pros and cons of implants ? “What are the disadvantages of dental bridges?” By answering their questions, it can be decided which method is more suitable.

Both implants and bridges are procedures performed after the ” missing tooth” to replace it. The main purpose of the bridge process is to cut the teeth on both sides of the tooth loss area and stick the prosthetic tooth to be made on the cut teeth. In the implant , the titanium screw can be placed in the tooth cavity without the need to damage other teeth. Well “ Is a dental bridge worth it?”

Treatment, also known as “Fixed bridges”, is a process that requires multiple visits to the dentist. Because the patient’s healthy teeth are also reshaped. In some obligatory cases where the implant cannot be applied by the specialists, the bridge process is performed. Otherwise, implant , which is the most effective treatment of tooth loss today, is preferred.

Is it better to have an implant or a bridge?

It is possible to examine the answer to this question in the table below. Thus, “Why is a dental bridge not recommended?” or “what are the disadvantages of dental bridges?” Your questions will also be answered. Dental bridges etc implants pros and cons:

Bridge Tooth Implant
It should be replaced every 10-15 years. It does not have a certain useful life. It can last for longer periods of time. There are even patients who use it for life.
Other teeth used such as bridge legs may rot over time. In such a case, those teeth should be treated and the bridge should be reapplied. It is much closer to the natural tooth compared to the bridge. In case of decay of other teeth, the implant is not damaged and the procedure does not need to be renewed.
They are more likely to develop gum disease. It is more compatible with the chin and mouth.
It has a lower cost and is an ancient treatment method. It costs more, but it is more profitable when the usage time and comfort are taken into account.
implant cannot be applied in patient groups such as children whose bone development is not complete, bridge tooth operation can be performed. implantation is not recommended for pregnant women, diabetes or hemophilia patients .