Antalya Dental Implants

Antalya dental implants is a treatment that can be applied in many  dental clinics centers in the city. In terms of Antalya  dental center options, centers that are experienced in terms of both operational and  health tourism should be selected. A search engine search can be helpful for this purpose.

Antalya dental implants, it stands out as a region with high patient demand. This situation is also observed in other metropolitan cities of the country and enables physicians to gain practical experience. In addition, some centers provide services within the scope of health tourism. Erce Beleçoğlu’s clique in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is among these. In the clinic, you can benefit from applications in many areas, especially orthodontics and  cosmetic dentistry.

Antalya Dental Implants

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Antalya Dental Implants Price

Tooth loss may occur due to reasons such as dental caries or physical impacts. Today, the best and most effective treatment of tooth loss is the implant method. “ Full mouth dental implants turkey price ” is frequently sought after, especially by those who plan to visit the country within the scope of health tourism. For diagnostic and therapeutic services related to implant operation, you can examine the prices applied in our clinic in the table below.

Treatment Session Time Price (8% VAT Included-EURO)
Panoramic Film (Includes Inspection) one 10 min. 30 €
Detailed Examination (X-ray included) one 1 hour 50 €
Dental X-Ray Film (Periapical) one 10 min 20 €
Implant Teeth (1 Piece T-Base, Screwed, With Zirconium Coating) one 15-45 min. 900 €
Implant Teeth (Excluding 1 Superstructure Prosthesis) one 15-45 min. 600 €
Total care – Detailed Teeth Cleaning one 1 Hour 110 €
Antalya Dental Implants

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Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost Antalya

Dental implant is a treatment method that is frequently applied in metropolises such as Antalya and Ankara. “ Dental implants Turkey Antalya price ” is a matter of great curiosity. If your situation is suitable, you can benefit from the “full mouth dental implants” application in our clinic in Ankara. Although prices may vary according to various additional applications, you can contact us for up-to-date information.

Ankara or “Antalya Turkey dental clinic” options are centers where there are highly experienced physicians in the mentioned cities. Erce Beleçoğlu’s clinic in Ankara provides services in the application areas listed below.

Dental implants ”: In case of tooth loss as a result of dental caries, genetic factors and various accidents, “ implant treatment ” is the best method to be applied.

Preventive dentistry: It is a field that aims to make the necessary interventions before or if any tooth/jaw disease/discomfort is caught, at an early stage.

Orthodontics: It is a field that works for the aesthetic and functional alignment of the teeth on the jaw.

Dentistry that deals with the problems that occur in the gums and tooth roots .

Aesthetic dentistry: It is the field that tends to make the mouth and teeth look more aesthetic in general. “ Dental crowns ” can be given as an example.

Endodontics: It is the area that focuses on the area called the pulp and is mostly known for its “ root canal treatment ” application.

For Your Dental Clinic Needed in Antalya

Dental Implants Antalya Reviews

Comments added to providers such as Google can give an idea in the evaluation of clinics that perform implant operations. It’s a good idea to search the internet for a center you want to go to, no matter where it is. You can reach the evaluations about Erce Beleçoğlu’s clinic in this way.

Antalya is an important city in terms of dental tourism , it is not the only alternative. Apart from “Clinic dental Antalya” , Ankara, the capital of the country, and Istanbul, which is the most populated city, is an extremely important stopover area. Many of the country’s most important and competent universities in the field of health sciences are in Ankara. Many physicians graduated from these institutions serve in their clinics in Ankara.

It covers the applications that have been successfully carried out for years within the scope of “Dental excellence Turkey “. This concept encompasses all the processes required to keep the teeth in the best condition both functionally and aesthetically.

Antalya Dental Implants
Antalya Dental Implants

Antalya Dental Clinic

“Best dental implants in Antalya ” or Ankara are frequently carried out. The best clinic is the one that has physicians who have high practice experience, can understand the wishes of the patient and approach him with a smiling face. In this sense, a simple internet search can also be useful.

Smile design ” or “ dental excellence ” can be evaluated within the scope of aesthetics. This area works to completely eliminate the problems that spoil the aesthetic appearance of the mouth and teeth. Therefore, both session times and transaction costs are personal. For example, let’s take a patient with jaundice and calculus problems. But let’s assume he doesn’t have any other issues.

Teeth whitening ” applications can be done for the patient we are talking about . Thus, the person can have more aesthetic teeth. This also affects the general appearance of the face. A more effective smile can also provide an advantage in areas such as business and private life. In case of tooth loss, the completion of the missing tooth with an “ implant ” can also be considered within the scope of smile design.

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